Birdcage Awl


Taking their namesake from extensive use in birdcage making, these awls are excellent for not only basic layout tasks but also for starting holes for drilling or screws.  When used in a twisting motion, they can easily bore crude tapered holes to the desired depth.

If you have a special piece of wood you’d like me to make something out of, or if you’d like the handle to be a different shape, just send me a message and we will work something out.

Some basic information about the birdcage awls that I make:

  • Overall length is right around 5.5”
  • Handles are roughly 3” long, 1.5” in diameter at their widest point.
  • Ground flat on 1 side to prevent rolling.
  • High Speed Steel square-sided bit measures roughly 2.5” to 3″ in length.
  • Available with a 1/8”, or 1/4” thick bit.
  • Choose oil and beeswax or polyurethane finish.
  • Polished copper ferrule


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