After a few years of trial and error testing different designs, I've managed to develop a wooden kazoo that is both very dynamic, and very loud.

If you have a special piece of wood you'd like me to make a kazoo out of, or if you'd like something in a particular shape, just send me a message and we will work something out.

Some basic information about the kazoos that I make:

  • Lengths available include Small 3.5”, Large 6”, and Jumbo 12”
  • Diameter at widest point is generally 1.5-2”
  • Available with 1, 2, or 4 diaphragms.*
  • Caps can be made to fit a pickup in order to electrify the instrument upon request.
  • Shipped with Mylar diaphragms.**

A brief video showing the process of replacing and 'tuning' the diaphragms on my kazoos can be seen on youtube at the following address:  XXXXX

Audio clips can also be found on youtube at this address:  XXXXX

*When compared to 1 diaphragm, multiple diaphragms will create a stereo effect. Another benefit is the ability to have different sized diaphragms for an even wider range of tones.

**Mylar is a tough silver colored material that solar blankets are made from. I've found it to have a wider range of sounds and to be much more durable than other materials. That being said, almost any thin material will work (plastic bag, packing tape, wax paper) so feel free to experiment.