The purpose of an armrest is to make playing more comfortable, and also to allow to the top of the instrument to vibrate more freely.  Scroll down for photos of my past work.

To purchase an armrest, go to my 'Shop' page.  There you will find a detailed order form.

My current inventory can be found on Etsy at:

A short video showing how I make my armrests can be viewed here:

Some information about the armrests that I make:

  • Will fit all F-style and A-style mandolins, and most others.
  • Available in 3 sizes: Small 4.5”, Medium 6”, and Large 9”
  • Clamps are available in chrome, gold, or black finish.
  • Solid Titanium clamps are also available.
  • Clamp adjustment tool is included.
  • Height when mounted is right around 3/8”...Thinner is available upon request.
  • Clamping hardware accommodates instruments with sides up to 3.5” thick.
  • Custom inlay work is possible upon request.
  • Guitar rests are mounted using double stick tape, no clamps.